Monday, September 6, 2010

Volume to Weight Conversions for Baking

I love my kitchen scale because it allows me to dirty fewer bowls and be lazy--physically, that is, but not mentally! All that math! Still, it's so cool to be able to make a recipe of cake batter, weigh one cup and figure out how many cups of batter you have. I guess I'm just a kitchen geek ;-) Well, here are the conversions that I use the most. I often round up if it's really close, like with granulate sugar. I just consider 1 cup of sugar to be 200 g.
1 cup all-purpose flour                120g
1 cup granulated sugar                 198g
1 cup packed brown sugar           198g
1 cup powdered sugar                 120g
1 cup cocoa powder                     85g
    4 T                                      2 oz/57g
    8 T                                    4 oz/113g
   16 T                                   8 oz/227g
1 cup Crisco                                 192g
1 cup sour cream                          242g
1 cup corn syrup                           340g
1 cup mashed banana                    225g
1/4 cup peanut butter                     65g

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