Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mocha Almond Petit Fours

Almond Cake:
8 oz almond paste
¾ cup sugar
1 ½ sticks butter, soft
4 eggs
½ cup cake flour
½ cup bread flour

--Preheat oven to 325F. Prepare 12x18 sheet pan by greasing and lining with parchment paper.
--Soften almond paste by beating it for several minutes with the paddle. Add a little egg to soften, then add the sugar and butter and cream till very light, about 7 minutes.
--Pour the eggs in very slowly, taking about 5 minutes over all.
--Stir in the flour and spread into the pan. Spread out and bake till firm, about 20 minutes.
--Remove from oven, let sit in pan 5 minutes and remove from tray. When cool, cut in thirds.

Prepare simple syrup:
½ cup hot espresso
¼ cup sugar
3 T cream de cocoa
--Mix all ingredients till the sugar is dissolved.

Prepare the ganache filling:
8 oz bittersweet chocoate
2 oz milk chocolate
1 cup heavy cream

--Boil the cream and then pour over the chocolate. Stir till combined and let cool to room temperature.

Assemble the petit fours:
--Brush one cake layer with simple syrup and then spread some ganache on it. Top with next layer and repeat twice.
--Freeze cakes overnight.
--Cut cakes into desired sizes.

Prepare ganache fondant:
2 cups cream
2 cups bittersweet chocolate
2 tsp vanilla

--Boil cream, pour over chocolate and combine. Add vanilla.

Pour ganache over cakes, which have been placed on a wire cooling rack. Decorate as desired. Suggestion: chocolate covered coffee bean.

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